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AMO 72027 BTS-02

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BTS-02 was produced in 1984 (serial number: USSR-3501002) for flight tests and landing practice in autoland mode by "Energy-Buran" program. Differences between "Витал" version and BTS-02 analogue layout in the case when mass and inertial characteristics are corresponded, consist in four Lyulka "AL-ЗГ 40 tones overall thrust engines and in prolonged nose landing gear. The length of BTS-02 is more than 36 m and the height is 17,5 m. The wingspan is 24 m. The maximum speed in Earth`s atmosphere is 600 km/h.

24 flights and 19 approach landings in autoland mode were carried out under the flight test program. Starting with 8th flight all approach landings were performed in autoland mode. The total flight of BTS-02 is about 8 hours. After dosing the program in 1993, BTS-02 was performed at International Air Show in Zhukovski. In 2008, BTS-02 was sold to the Technique Museum Speyer in Germany.

Catalog number: AMO 72027
Weight: 950 gramm

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