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AMO 7281 Kamov Ka-26

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In January 1964 the Soviet government issued a directive on the creation of the multi-purpose Ka-26 In two versions: the agricultural version capable of carrying 600...700 kg of chemicals and the transport version for carrying passengers over distances of up to 400 km. The first circuit flight of the Ka-26 took place on August 18,1956; the prototype was flown by test pilot V.V.Gromov. The State trials were successfully completed in the autumn of 1967 and production was launched In the town of Kumertau at a factory, which had been purpose-built in 1962.

The helicopter Ka-26 was first demonstrated at the autumn exhibition in Moscow in 1965. Thanks to its efficient construction the helicopter could be easily transformed from the passenger version. The helicopter was widely used In the national economy of the USSR and was exported into many countries.

Catalog number: AMO 7281
Scale: 1/72
Type: Helicopter
Period: Cold war (1946-1991)
Weight: 160 gramm

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